Big Changes for 2020: MYTORONTO is Going Digital and Running 3 Times Per Year!

January 6, 2020

MYTORONTO is introducing three new features for 2020:

  1. Cell phones will be used for the photography contest
  2. There will be three, count em’ three! contests during the year
  3. The contest will feature a new MYTORONTO App.

Be sure to pay close attention to these dates to see how and when you can participate:

January 6, 2019 – Registration opens for first round of Creative Workshops.

January 29, 2020 – Creative Workshops begin!

Join us at The 519 for our first round of these 2-hour Creative Workshops taught by professional artists on various creative expressions! Space is limited. Registration is required. Registration opens on January 6.

March 2020 – First Round of MYTORONTO Photography Contest

New for 2020, MYTORONTO will be holding 3 photography contests! We will be distributing cell phones to 40 participants per contest round.

Space is limited. Registration will be required. Registration opens on February 10, 2020.

April 2020 – First Round of MYTORONTO Vendor Program Training Workshops

Learn to run your own business while earning money with the MYTORONTO Vendor Program. Learn skills in sales, marketing and communications. Participants will be trained to sell MYTORONTO products and earn money from their sales.

Vendor Training Workshops will be held after each MYTORONTO Photography Contest.

Tuesday, August 11 – Tuesday, September 15, 2020 – MYTORONTO Entrepreneur Workshops – New for 2020!

For those who have participated in past vendor workshops and are looking for a bit more, the MYTORONTO Program is offering a series of weekly workshops to focus on building your own business. Workshops will enhance learning gained from previous vendor workshops and will go into more depth around sales, marketing, financial literacy, and more!


01. How can I participate in Workshops?

For the Creative Workshops, Vendor Workshops, and Entrepreneur Workshops, come and join us during any of the dates that will be announced! Registration is free and open to anyone who has experienced poverty or homelessness.

02. How do I participate in the Contest?

Registration is required for the contest this year, but there are 120 spaces available throughout the course of the year – more than any previous year! Registration for the first round of contest begins on Monday, January 6, 2020.

03. What about Camera Distribution Day?

MYTORONTO‘s Camera Distribution Day is upgrading as well – This year, there will be three different PHONE Distribution Days.

04. I don't own a phone; will I still be able to participate?

Thanks to a special partnership with Telus’ Mobility for Good program, MYTORONTO will be offering a free cell phone to participants of this year’s program! All participants will receive the same type of phone with the same camera specifications on it.

05. Can I use my own cell phone?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure complete fairness in the contest, we require that all photographs submitted are taken with the phones provided. This way all cameras used have the same specification. Photographs will be checked to ensure they were taken with the correct device.

06. How to I submit my photographs?

Information will be shared at each Phone Distribution Day about how to upload photos for the contest. There will be a limit to the number of photos each participant may submit. This information, and more, will be shared at the Distribution Day.

07. What products will we be selling?

We are always looking for new and innovative products for MYTORONTO. Watch out for new products coming for 2020, including an opportunity for sales of single prints.

08. Will you be continuing with the calendar?

We have received a great deal of feedback about MYTORONTO products and one of the most frequent points made is that people don’t use paper calendars anymore. As such, we will not be producing a MYTORONTO Calendar this year. We will instead be focusing efforts on other products that can offer increased sales opportunities for MYTORONTO vendors.