Congratulations to Anne-Marie Jackson of the Toronto Star for winning first place in the News Photographer’s Association of Canada contest for this multi-media project about MYTORONTO.


MYTORONTO is a photography contest and program through which participants gain experience in taking pictures, connect with a community of peers, learn new skills and receive recognition. The winning photographers will receive cash prizes and their photographs will be used in a MYTORONTO products such as the 2020 MYTORONTO calendar and greeting cards as well as a photo exhibit. The inspiration for MYTORONTO comes from the MYTORONTO photography project organized by Café Art, a social enterprise which connects people affected by homelessness with the wider community through their art. There are now MYCITYprojects in Manchester, England; New Orleans, Louisiana; São Paulo, Brazil; and Sydney, Australia.


MYTORONTO goes beyond artistry as it seeks to challenge the public's perspectives on issues of poverty and homelessness in our city. MYTORONTO aims to:
  • Inspire over 100 people affected by homelessness to create sustainable change in their lives through confidence building and the acquisition of photography and sales skills.
  • Encourage participants to partake in a photography contest and program.
  • Empower 13 winning photographers, featured in products, through speaking engagements and the recognition of their talent.
  • Provide part-time income for photographers and other vendors through the sale of the MYTORONTO products such as the 2020 calendar and greeting cards.

How does MYTORONTO work?

MYTORONTO, a program offered by Ve'ahavta, with support from other agencies, companies, and individuals:
  • Recruits people affected by homelessness to participate in the photography contest.
  • Offers creative workshops in collaboration with staff from Habitat Services and Inner City Family Health Team.
  • Provides single-use cameras, donated by Fuji, to the photographers who will be asked to photograph the world around them.
  • Convenes a jury of photography experts and influencers who will select approximately 40 photos to be included in a public exhibit and choose the 13 winning photos that will be featured in MYTORONTO products.
  • Launches the MYTORONTO product sales at a Public Exhibition to take place in September 2019.
  • Trains and facilitates participants to sell products, which will provide them with part-time income.